You are the flesh-bound instrument of cosmic love jammer; a basket weaver whose strands are the energy skeins of the universe itself, a scientist who knows that the Universe is made of magic. Bravo!"
- Tom Robbins

[northwest author] 

 Louisa Firethorne is a multi-faceted artist, designer and imagineer based out of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Exploring everything from 2D drawings and graphics, to full-on 3D installation pieces, digital art, futuristic music making, performance art, engineering sound/light experiences, costuming and clothing design.....Louisa leaves no dimension un-explored.  


Louisa has an amazing balance of creative and logical thinking. In her graphic design work, she uses this skill to create website designs that are brilliantly organized and have the creative flair that makes her sites so successful. She has been doing graphic design for over 15 years and has worked at some of the top companies in the technology industry before joining the Peter James Studios team. Louisa asks the right questions to see a design through to completion, meeting the needs of today's demanding web users.


Currently, Louisa is a freelance graphics & web designer and has recently completed additional undergraduate work in Physics and Materials Science at Western Washington University.


In 2002, she earned her B.A. from Fairhaven College at WWU with a concentration entitled: Music Production: Blending Art, Science and Technology. 

In 2000, Louisa was the first person from her county to simultaneously graduate from highschool with her AAUCT degree from Skagit Valley College.


"Creating is everything to me. I consider my hands to be my most valuable tool. With tiny and controlled motion, I paint with the equations of measure- the relationship of geometry. Then, I fill it with threads of color, rays of light, harmonics of sound..."


Louisa was born and raised in La Conner Wa, on Fidalgo Island, among the San Juans. Born to a creative engineer and a proflific artisan, she was raised with creative self-expression being a cornerstone of life. 

A visual and tactile learner, Louisa tested the ropes of all kinds of materials first by using the raw terraine of the Skagit river valley, and all the natural 'debris', stones, crystals, feathers and wood the land had to offer.  Being located on Swinomish Native tribal ground, the native art and ingenuity of the people who used raw materials has greatly influenced her as she was always paying close attention to how things were done, and what was available to make things out of. 


"I was always gaining more skills working with metal, lapidary, and textiles. It consumed alot of time.

I want to be able to make anything--to bend the elements in a beautiful way, to see each vision through to the end."